Personalized Butterfly Girl - Tanned - Leya Doll
Personalized Butterfly Girl - Tanned - Leya Doll
Personalized Butterfly Girl - Tanned - Leya Doll
Personalized Butterfly Girl - Tanned - Leya Doll
Personalized Butterfly Girl - Tanned - Leya Doll
Personalized Butterfly Girl - Tanned - Leya Doll
Personalized Butterfly Girl - Tanned - Leya Doll
Personalized Butterfly Girl - Tanned - Leya Doll
Personalized Butterfly Girl - Tanned - Leya Doll
Personalized Butterfly Girl - Tanned - Leya Doll
Personalized Butterfly Girl - Tanned - Leya Doll
Personalized Butterfly Girl - Tanned - Leya Doll
Personalized Butterfly Girl - Tanned - Leya Doll

Personalized Butterfly Girl - Tanned

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Leyadoll Limited Edition 

Introducing our latest launch: Sun-kissed Girl Doll - Butterfly Girl, designed for all girls to embrace their unique charm and beauty. Whether adorned with freckles or not, every child has their own story to tell.

I'm Butterly Girl with a special skin tone. I love my skin color. It's a beautiful shade of black, but it's a bit lighter than other previous dolls. With my adventurous spirit, I bring a burst of energy and excitement wherever I go(or fly). Let our dreams take flight, for I'm here to bring joy and endless adventures to you and your little one!
This delightful doll features exquisite butterfly hair decorations, enchanting butterfly-patterned chiffon skirts, and adorable butterfly-shaped buttons on the shoes. With a touch of magic, our Butterfly Girl evokes dreams of whimsical gardens and enchanting fairy tales, inspiring children to embrace their innocence, nurture their dreams, and embark on captivating adventures.
Check this image to see the skin tone comparison of the three deep-skinned dolls we offer.
Butterfly Girl, is the perfect gift for any occasion! Whether you're buying it for your daughter/granddaughter/niece, this doll is ideal for a baby's birthday, Christmas, baby showers, Easter celebrations, or it will be a just-because surprise on any ordinary day. Choose our Sun-kissed Girl Doll - Butterfly Girl, and let every child fully embrace their exceptional beauty, immersing themselves in a world of butterflies and wonder!


Leyadolls are meticulously crafted using high-quality and eco-friendly materials, ensuring they are a lifetime keepsake. We use soft polyester fibers and skin-friendly plush to create our dolls, filling them with high-elasticity PP cotton. This perfect combination of materials allows our dolls to remain soft, warm, fluorescent, squishy, and odor-free, providing a gentle and skin-friendly experience.
Butterfly Girl's captivating gown is made from satin fabric that gives a soft and silky texture. The luxurious fabric drapes gracefully, adding a touch of magic to their fairy tale adventures. Additionally, the surface of the dress is adorned with a layer of delicate chiffon, featuring beautiful butterfly patterns, which add to the doll's charm, as if transporting them to a whimsical world filled with butterflies.
As parents, you know that kids can often get messy. That's why we've designed our dolls to be machine washable, saving you trouble.


Size: Standing at 16.5 inches (43 centimeters) tall and weighing 8 ounces (220 grams), our doll is expertly designed with arms and legs measuring no more than 4 centimeters, the perfect size allowing babies to easily grip and play with the doll, while providing them with a sense of security, just like holding a mama's finger. Additionally, we've introduced a groundbreaking design for the doll's ears, crafting them with two layers of soft cotton fabric to resemble human ears, providing a comfortable touch.
Rest assured, we take great care of the development of our dolls. During the
production process, we ensure every seam is tight and flawlessly stitched, using reinforced cross-stitching on the inside to withstand the adorable attacks of babies.


We understand the importance of safety, especially when it comes to your child. Leyadolls are crafted using materials that meet applicable safety standards. The delicate chiffon fabric on the surface of this doll's skirt is elastic and seamlessly stitched with satin fabric, without any sharp edges that could harm your baby. Additionally, the doll does not have any removable small parts, eliminating the risk of choking hazards. We have successfully completed multiple safety tests, ensuring compliance with children's basic health, safety, and environmental requirements. The tests we have passed include US-CPSIA, ASTM F963-16/-17, CA-CCPSA, EU-CE, EN71-1-2-3, GB6675.1-4.
Personalized name dolls
What sets our dolls apart is the fact that you can personalize them! Using up to 12 characters, you can place a name or any inscription to give your leyadoll a unique identity. The material we use for lettering is safe and skin-friendly, just like the rest of the doll’s materials. Even with proper washings, the letters are durable enough to maintain color and sharpness.

Free Gifts Included

Get a free gift bag when you purchase any Sun-Kissed Girl. The gift bag is beautifully designed with sweet elements that little ones would love. Imagine their eyes lit up when they receive the precious doll nestled inside the gift bag. It's a scene of anticipation and wonder, with the doll's enchanting smile peeking through the transparent window and surrounded by whimsical decorations.
There is nothing like that special connection between a baby and their first plush toy. We made this doll with the best quality materials while meeting the highest quality standards.  Designed specially to create lasting memories, you will be glad you purchased a Leyadoll for your little one.
Follow this instruction to make sure your Leyadoll doesn't injure and to protect its personalization. Place doll inside pillowcase or laundry bag and wash on cold (under 30 degrees centigrade), gentle cycle with mild laundry detergent. Let your Leyadoll air dry.
  • Regular Leyadoll comes dressed in non-detachable outfits.
  • Leyadoll bodies are made from polyester.
  • Leyadoll outfits are usually made from cotton, polyester, or satin.
  • Interior stuffing is hypo-allergenic PP cotton.
  • Personalization is finished with flock printing.

Due to personalized Doll/Backpack require 1-2 business days to be produced, all orders will be dispatched from our warehouse within 3 business days of receipt.

We offer Standard Shipping (FREE on orders over $34.99 USD) , plus paid Express Couriers (DHL, FedEx) as an alternative option.
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Europe 10-25 days 3-7 days
Rest of World 10-25 days 3-7 days

 All shipping times exclude clearance/customs delays. You can visit our tracking order page to track your package anytime.

Lvely Reviews

Personalized Butterfly Girl - Tanned

$55.00 CAD

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