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At Leyadoll, Quality Rhymes with Safety pays special attention to quality at every manufacturing stage, focusing especially on following American and European regulations. 

Our products has passed testing at Bay Area Compliance Laboratories Corp and proved to be  compliant with US-CPSC Rules and regulations. In addition, as the dolls sold by us have passed the tests for compliance with the relevant quality standards, their labels bear the appropriate US-CPSIA & EU-CE marking for your information.

We realize that toys for your children must be safe first and foremost. That is why our dolls underwent detailed research in terms of meeting the requirements set out in the relevant law, including the absence of harmful substances or flammability (EU-EN-71). 

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Gloveleya® dolls and pendants are free of small and dangerous elements, making them suitable for the smallest children.

All our products can be washed in a washing machine, which allows you to maintain maximum cleanliness in a quick and easy way. 

Do not buy fakes! We take care of your child's safety as much as you do ❤️