What Size Are The Dolls?
The size of Spring Girl Series and Strawberry Girl Series is 16x7x4 inches (40x18x10 centimeters)
The height of Carrot the Bunny and Keppel Series is 19.5 inches (50 centimeters)
The height of Backpacks is 10 inches (25 centimeters)
The height of Mermaid Girl is 15 inches (39 centimeters)
The height of Superhero Boy is 18 inches (47 centimeters)
Can I Get The Personalization In My Preferred Language?
Currently our font only supports Latin letters and some widely used accented letters. If your personalization is in non-Latin language, drop us an email and we will help you do your customization!
Is A Presentation Bag Included?
All dolls are shipped with free delicate presentation bags. 
We unfortunately don't provide bags for backpack products.
How Is the Personalization Done On The Dress?
Our personalization is ironed onto the dolls. As it's aligned on the dress manually, it's normal that if your personalization is slightly uncentered.
Is My Doll Machine-Washable?
Our products are washable but please be aware that the personalization might easily come off if you heat it to 35 degree centigrades.
Do You Have Any Other Skin Tone?
Currently we have 4 skin shades in total. The Deep Strawberry doll is in the darkest skin shade while the Deep Bunny/Mermaid/Superhero are designed to be tanned. Sweetheart Girl's skin shade is even lighter than other 'Deep' versions.

We are having more diverse dolls coming, so please stay tuned with us on Instagram or Facebook @leyadoll_com!
Can I Personalize The Appearance Of The Dolls?
As our products are all machine-made which means they are already fixed styles, we unfortunately cannot change the hairstyles/dress patterns/special marks of the dolls. If you have any ideas or suggestions for our products, we welcome you to email us about your thoughts!



Do You Ship To My Country And What Are The Shipping Cost?
Due to the covid-19 effect, we had to halt free shipping to countries except the USA mainland, UK, Canada, Australia. If you're ordering out of the mentioned countries, please kindly select 'Express Courier DHL/FedEx' which will only take 3-7 days to deliver to your country/region.

American military addresses and outlying islands are out of our delivery coverage.
How Long Does The Delivery Take?
Click here to check more information 
How Can I Track My Shipment?
An email that contains a tracking number is sent to you once your order is done. You can track your order by clicking the tracking number in the email or track it here
I Still don't Get My Shipping Confirmation Email?
The shipping confirmation email is sent to your email address once your package is dispatched(within 3 business days after your order is placed). But sometimes it might have gone to your spam. Try searching 'Leyadoll' with the searching tool of your email page and you might spot it.

If the method above doesn't work, it might happen that you have left a wrong email address. Email us at help@leyadoll.com so that we can get you covered.




What Payment Methods Do You Offer?
You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, PayPal or Stripe. All our payments are processed in USD.
Do I Have To Pay Customs?
If you are using our free shipping service, you will not have to pay customs. If you are using express shipping service and shipping to EU, CA, you might be asked for customs charge. If you have ever paid customs for your Leyadoll package, kindly send us the invoices/bills so that we can cover it for you!
Why Is The Price At Checkout Different From At Product Page?
Our payments are all processed in USD and the exact amount in $ would be shown at checkout. The price at product page is calculated according to your preferred currency for some references. If you are using another currency to pay, you will be charged based on the most current conversion rate.
Why Doesn't My Discount Code Work?
This might happen because you have added 2 or more items in your order and a 15% discount has already taken precedence over the normal discount code.



Can I Return My Doll?
As all our products are custom made, we unfortunately can’t accept returns or offer refunds unless your doll/backpack arrived damaged or wrongly.

I Would Like To Make A Complaint, How May I Do That?
Send us an email of your complaints(damaged or defective posters) to customer service at help@leyadoll.com.
We would appreciate it if you can include an image of the product as well as of the package.

We can take care of you better through email, so please contact us by dropping an email instead of messaging us on social media.

I've Made A Mistake In My Order, Can You Change It?
You can make changes to it up to 6 hours after you have placed your order. The changes can be made from the order confirmation that you have received by email once you have placed your order. By clicking the button 'View Your Order', you will find out the personalization that's been left
I Have Never Received Any Confirmation Email?
The order confirmation email is sent to your email address as soon as you placed the order successfully. But sometimes it might have gone to your spam. Try searching 'Leyadoll' with the searching tool of your email page and you might spot it.

If the method above doesn't work, it might happen that you have left a wrong email address or the order was not placed correctly. Email us so that we can get you covered.



If I Want To Collaborate With You, Who Do I Contact?
Email us at help@leyadoll.com or DM us on instagram. We will make sure that our Public Relations Team gets back to you as soon as possible.