Leya Doll Wash Guide - How to Wash Leyadolls

Children love plush dolls, plush dolls are important friends in children's growing journey. However, dolls that are not washed regularly tend to get dirty and tend to collect dust. If you are worried about how to wash your Leyadoll properly, worrying about the deformation of the Leyadoll and the deterioration of the feeling after washing, then you need to read this cleaning guide carefully.
In general, all Leyadolls are machine-washable in cold water on the gentle cycle. However, to protect its personalization, it is highly suggested to wash your personalized leyadoll by hand and lay it flat in the air to dry naturally.

Deep cleaning:

Giving your Leyadoll a regular deep clean can make it look new.

Machine Wash.

1. Put the doll in the laundry mesh bag. To protect the Leyadoll from wear and tear when washing in the machine, we recommend putting the doll in a laundry mesh bag before putting it in the washing machine. (If there is no laundry mesh bag, this step can be ignored.)
2. On a gentle mode. Please choose the gentle mode of the washing machine to clean the Leyadoll, violent stirring may cause the doll to receive damage.
3. Normal temperature water. Whether machine wash or hand wash the Leyadoll, the water temperature should not be higher than 30 degrees Celsius.
4. Mild detergent. You can choose any detergent to clean your Leyadoll, but please note that you must choose a mild detergent formula and prohibit the use of bleach, otherwise the doll may be discolored or even deformed.
5. Avoid high temperatures. If your doll has a personalized name on it, please be careful not to use the high-temperature drying function of the washing machine. Because the high temperature will make the personalized name come off. You just need to take the doll out of the laundry mesh bag and put it in the air to dry naturally.

Hand Wash.

If you want to wash your Leyadoll by hand, first of all, you need to prepare a basin of water with a temperature of no higher than 30 degrees Celsius. Secondly, pour an appropriate amount of mild detergent into the water. Thirdly, immerse the doll in the water and rub your doll gently with your hands. Fourth, after cleaning, wrap the doll with a dry towel, use the towel to absorb the moisture on the doll. When the water stops dripping from the doll, place the doll in the air to dry naturally.
When the doll has only partial stains, we recommend that you only need to clean the doll partially. Light stains can be gently wiped away with a damp towel. You can also let the owner of the doll hands on the doll for daily care. This way not only can promote the baby and the doll's relationships, but can also develop your baby's hands-on skills.

The best gift for your baby.

Leyadoll is every baby's dream toy to have. With her signature smile and ultra-soft features, it is without question the perfect doll for your baby to cuddle, play, and grow up with. With the help of Leyadoll, you can keep your comforting companion clean and cuddly for years to come.