Amazing Mama | Mama of Two & A Small Business

Tell us about you and your kiddos.

I have two little sweet girls, Amelia (2) and Sophia (7 months)

What inspired you to start your business?

What inspired me to start was actually that I wanted to order a set of dominoes and at the time couldn’t afford it.

I decided then that I was going to put the talent to good use and actually make something of myself and my skills! I started off just testing out how sizes and before I knew it I realized how much I actually loved doing it!

Do you have any interesting things to share in the process of starting your own business?

The biggest thing I would share is to do your research and know the market you’re aiming for. Know your target audience and don’t pay any heed to the other businesses around you! Take your time, don’t rush something because someone else is doing it before you! Quality is what customers are looking for over speed! Also making sure your customer service is top-notch!

What's the most rewarding thing about raising your girls? And what's the hardest?

The most rewarding is getting to see the bond they have with each other grow every day! I used to worry that Amelia would feel pushed out, but she’s the opposite, she’s so in love with Sophia!

The hardest thing is definitely juggling two under 3! Amelia’s currently deep in the terrible two’s stage so everything is met with defiance!

How do you balance work and life, especially to balance the time you spend with your little ones?

My girls are my reason for keeping up with Rose and Grace, I’m doing this so they have a future, a legacy to hold down so it’s only fitting I begin my week by reminding myself whom I’m doing it for.

I have set working days and set days with the girls. Sunday we spend as a whole family my fiancé and the two girls, Monday is just me and my girls, so snuggles and crafts normally! Then from Tuesday to Thursday, I work. Amelia goes to her childminder on Tuesday and Wednesday and both girls go to my mums on Thursday.

Why are you a Leyadoll supporter? Which dolly is your favourite?

Oh, that’s easy! I’m in love with the brand! The products are absolutely stunning and the staffs are lovely! 

We all love the little personalized Reindeer Girl and Pumpkin Girl a lot! They are super cute and become the best friends and companions of Amelia and Sophia!