Certificate of Authority

Leyadoll.com is the official distributor of Gloveleya Brand. We are Official Authorized Gloveleya seller in North America (US, CA), UK, AU & Europe. 

All patterns of our dolls / backpacks / accessories are subject to special copyright protection, they are original and come directly from the Gloveleya® brand.

We are glad that we are the only authorized distributor for dozens of Gloveleya® products like. The products in our store have the characteristic original manufacturer's markings. Inside each label there is a detailed description by Gloveleya® brand, confirming the authenticity of our products.

(These images is authorized to leyadoll.com only. leyadoll.com reserves the right to take any legal action necessary against those unauthorized use of this images.)

In addition, as the dolls sold by us have passed the tests for compliance with the relevant quality standards, their labels bear the appropriate US-CPSIA & EU-CE marking.

About safety you can find all information on our website: Safety & Children's Product Certificate