Valentine’s Day Shopping Guides

Valentine's Day is the day of love, but it doesn't just have to be shared with your significant other. February 14 is the perfect time to show so many important people you appreciate, from friends to parents and even your kids and pets, which is always a good time to surprise them with a little something. Are you eager to celebrate your baby's first Valentine's Day? Are you still struggling with what gifts to prepare for your baby? Leyadoll is here to provide you with some ideas that will surely leave you and your baby a special and memorable memory!

1. Dress up your baby in a lovely Valentine’s Day outfit.

A perfect matching dress with Leyadoll is an adorable choice! Featuring the sweetest details on the lace trimming, bow design, and puff sleeves. The high-waisted style and button closure ensure that your baby is comfortable at all times in this dress. It also provides a matching HEADBAND for babies! The headband is handmade, so it is soft and comfortable. Your little one will be the sweetest girl in town on Valentine’s Day!

2. Prepare a Leya backpack for your baby.

Leyadoll Backpack, also known as “Spring Girl”, is every baby’s dream backpack to have. With spring girl’s signature smile, colorful and ultra-soft features, it is without question this is the perfect backpack for your baby to carry outside and inside. Fill your backpack with love and give it to your baby on Valentine's Day!

3. Personalize a unique Leyadoll.

Dolls can bring companionship and security. Customize a pair of Leyadolls exclusively for you and your valentine, let Leyadolls be the guardian and witness of your love, let Leyadolls always accompany you and bring more happiness and sweetness to your life! For your little one to customize a unique Leyadoll, let Leyadoll become one of the most essential partners in his/her growth journey, bringing him/her a sense of security and companionship. The name personalized Leyadoll is the best keepsake to remember his/her childhood! Customize a Leyadoll for your families/friends, so that they can feel your presence even if you are not always by their side.

The best gift for your valentine.

You + Leyadoll = Life-changing Smiles Leyadoll can bring smiles to people's lives. "Smile often, good luck will come naturally." Now is a great time to get your Valentine's Day gift ready! You can use the LITTLE10 discount code to enjoy 10% off, use the SWEET15 discount code to enjoy 15% off, use the HEART20 discount code to enjoy 20% off! Whatever you're looking for, these cuter-than-Cupid Leyadolls will steal their heart all over again.